Lazy Sunday: Post Birthday Recovery

Peonies for my birthday

Yes, I know that image is sideways… but since it’s lazy Sunday and all, I just can’t be bothered to fix it. Peonies look amazing from any angle anyway.

I celebrated my 28th birthday yesterday. After some stressing and stalling we decided to host a little party, the first time we’ve ever had more than a handful of people over in the four years we’ve owned the house. And it really couldn’t have been any better… good beer and good food surrounded by friends and family? Perfect.

As a party favor, I gave away some artwork from college. I had found the printmaking work from my senior thesis recently while cleaning and decided that it really needed to get out of the house and onto some walls so that it could be enjoyed. Talking with everyone at the end of the night and having them choose a piece to take reminded me how much I enjoy (and miss) connecting with people over art.

The best gift was this compliment I heard several times over: Your friends are awesome! Your parents are so cute! Everyone here is great!

I feel really, really lucky to have so many great people in my life.

Here are some other things I’ve enjoyed recently:

  • I sewed up a Wiksten tank a little while back. It was my first attempt and I discovered I need to make a size smaller, but this is one of those essential minimal basics that are always so hard to find. The kind of top you end up wearing to death and lamenting for years after it finally falls apart. I have a feeling I’ll be making a lot of these this summer.
  • These flutter butterfly mittens [ravelry link] were published in 2010 so I’m a little late to the party here, but I am seriously in love with the sense of scale in this pattern.
  • This dyed and wrapped fiber work on Buy Some Damn Art by artist Lauren Bahr. I always feel a little bit guilty DIYing something that is already handmade, and I strive to buy more real art this year (read: no more inkjet prints)… but I’m having a hard time resisting the idea that these would be excellent stash-busting creations.
  • I made these vegetarian bahn mi bites for the party yesterday. Making the pickled veggies made the house smell terrible (seriously), but the finished product was really tasty. This was my first time making any kind of pickle and I definitely want to give it another shot soon.