365 Days of Pattern: Day 1

This past year I was really inspired by artist/illustrator Lisa Congdon’s 365 Days of Hand Lettering, so I’ve decided to take on a 365-day project of my own!

I landed on pattern as my subject matter because it’s something I’ve always enjoyed and have explored intermittently in the past, but I always find myself coming back to the same themes. I’m hoping this project will help me push into some new ideas and will encourage me to draw on a more regular basis.

Speaking of drawing: Although I definitely hope to draw more during 2013, I’m not locking myself into one medium for this challenge! I’ll be exploring different drawing apps and intend to include some photography as well. Today’s drawing was made with Paper.

Volkstricken: 365 Days of Pattern, Day 1

Happy New Year! Wishing everyone the best of luck in any new endeavor.