Pattern: Neon Ski Bonnet

Today, I’m really excited to announce that I’ve actually been following through on a number of things on my personal to-do list lately. Including writing up my first ever knitting pattern!

Never you mind that it was 70 degrees and sunny today, and the pattern is for a warm and sassy winter bonnet-style hat. You need to start making Christmas presents, don’t you? Checking things off of your to-do list?

This hat was originally designed in December of 2010 as a gift for my awesome little sister, Carsyn. It was inspired by Elizabeth Zimmerman’s ski bonnet in The Opinionated Knitter, which is knit in the round and then steeked — but my version is knit flat then joined in the round instead. The band is double-thickness for warmth over the ears.

Neon Ski BonnetNeon Ski BonnetNeon Ski Bonnet

Also, it has a giant pom-pom.

In celebration of checking off to-do lists everywhere, this pattern is free. You can download it here: Neon Ski Bonnet PDF or by visiting the pattern page on Ravelry.