Thanks, Mom

Last weekend while cleaning out our closets, I found one of my favorite photos of me ever, from a sixth grade academic games competition:


I could care less that we won second place that year; I was wearing my favorite shirt ever, handmade by my mom in rainbow cat fabric that I picked out myself.

You can’t see them here, but she even made matching cat-shaped buttons out of Sculpey. My mom is crafty and she is dedicated.

Thanks, Mom, for indulging my personal sense of style (and sense of humor). Thanks for always hand-making our Halloween costumes, whether I wanted to be Cleopatra or Cousin It. Thanks for trusting me enough to use your Prismacolor pencils, and I am truly sorry that I was always using your fabric scissors to cut up magazines and make collages.

Once I outgrew this shirt (and wearing stretch shorts to school), thanks for being OK with my skater shoes and wide-leg jeans. I still remember the two pairs of Doc Martens you found at a discount store in my size and surprised me with: mint green patent leather, and white netting with silver glitter.

I don’t know what my friends were more jealous of: my boots, or my awesome mom.

You should know that I have my own fancy fabric scissors now, which I keep in their own special case and never use to cut anything else.

You’re the best mom a creative lady could ask for.

Your Nerdy Daughter