Lazy Sunday: Roman Shades

Lazy Sunday is day-drinking Dark & Stormies on the couch in the sunshine, with baseball on the TV, listening to the sound of lawnmowers throughout the neighborhood and putting off thinking about Monday.

Roman Shade DIY

It’s also an excuse to recycle Instagram photos instead of busting out the real camera. (You can follow me @volkstricken, btw, if you’re so inclined!)

I spent 12 hours of my weekend making three of these roman shades using this tutorial from ReadyMade. We just bought a new couch and the old curtains just weren’t doing it justice. The time spent making these was so very worth it, friends — and so much cheaper than custom. The ReadyMade tutorial is better than others I’ve found (no offense, Martha) but I have some ideas for improving upon it next time. We shall see.

My ultimate goal is for our living room to have the same feel as my favorite beach house ever in Stinson Beach, CA. After a new paint job, all we’ll be missing is the sound of waves crashing nearby… so if the ocean could just hurry on up and find its way to western Pennsylvania, things will be perfect.

The sound of lawnmowers isn’t such a bad substitute for now.

Here are a few other things I’m enjoying this week:

I have some DIY posts up my sleeve here in the near future, but for now let’s be perfectly content to relax. What a perfect Sunday!